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Since its inception, video advertising has been the domain of traditional television. For decades we watched commercials during our favorite TV shows and while eating snacks during the Super Bowl. Advertisers loved the reach and inundated captive audiences with repetitive messaging ten times an hour.

Cord Cutting image refers to a group of people who have cut off their traditional cable subscription for streaming tv.Then the internet happened and like everything else touched by the web, it changed video advertising FOREVER.

We’ve all heard of “Cord Cutters.” They’re the millions of viewers who drop their cable TV subscriptions every year. But did you know we also have a new class of viewers called “Cord Nevers?” As the name implies, these people have never subscribed to a cable company for their video content. They’ve grown up with streaming and the internet for all of their video entertainment.

In 2020, only 61% of households could be reached with traditional TV. That’s down from 87% just ten years ago. (Source: US Census Bureau HVS/CPS Reports) With TV no longer the dominant delivery method for video content, new technology has evolved to take its place. For marketers, we know it as OTT/CTV and Programmatic Video. Consumers know it as streaming TV or watching videos on the internet. In many ways, it delivers the same content we used to see on TV, but now it’s delivered digitally via the internet.

Last fall, we introduced our new digital display ad program and clients saw the power of integrating print with digital. Today, we are excited to announce that our new OTT/CTV and Programmatic Video capabilities are live. If traditional TV was the equivalent of carpet-bombing consumers with ads, then CTV and programmatic video are surgical strikes targeted at select consumers. Frankly, it’s a little scary (in a good way).

Why Include Video Advertising?

Incorporating video into your advertising strategy means offering audiences an ad experience they already crave. On average, consumers watch over 120 minutes of video content daily. The demand for engaging video grows daily. As a result, digital video ads will reach consumers who have tuned out traditional TV and those younger buyers who never watched.

The most significant difference between digital video and regular TV is your ability to target your audience. With traditional television, you “Sprayed and Prayed.”  By spreading your ads across multiple time slots and channels, you hoped to hit enough good prospects to make it pay.

With digital video, we target a curated list of households with demonstrated behavior and activity consistent with your best customers. In the blink of an eye, advanced algorithms match content providers with specific consumers, delivering your relevant video ad to prospects when they are most receptive.  But the real key is… You pay only for actual ad views, not market-wide ad placements. No more wasted dollars!

The second biggest benefit is our ability to provide advertisers with advanced reporting unheard of with traditional TV. We track online actions such as web page visits, form-fills, purchases, and more from users who were served ads. Offline, we can identify in-store foot traffic by visitors who were presented with your ad. By eliminating the guesswork, you will know your ads are performing.

There are countless other benefits to our digital video programs, and we’ll happily discuss them all with you, while helping you choose the best video products for your needs.

Two Options to Choose From:

1. OTT/CTV or Connected TV is most like traditional television in that your ads typically appear before streamed versions of television shows and movies you are already familiar with. Streaming occurs on Smart TV’s or those using services like TubiTV, Pluto, Prime Video, Sling TV, Discovery, HGTV, Philo, and many more.

2.Programmatic Video is the real-time, automated buying of the video ad space seen when users consume content across the web. With programmatic advertising, your spots run before video content playing on premium websites like; ESPN, Fox News, CNN, Yahoo Sports, USA Today, and many others.

Programmatic video is less expensive than OTT/CTV options, so by pairing the two, you can manage your budget while still delivering optimum results.

No Video? No Problem!

We make video production easy and affordable. Professional script writing and voice-over talent are included in your setup. We’ll incorporate the images and video you provide or use our stock photos and video to produce a professional quality commercial.

Video advertising is still the intensely creative and engaging medium it’s always been, but now we are empowered to deliver it in so many new ways it’s astonishing.

Engage Interested Customers Faster and More Effectively with OTT/CTV and Programmatic Video from Signature Graphics.